Sunday, 19 June 2011

Going Out In Tights With My Girlfriend - An Upcoming Post

Whilst I dislike seeing groups of loud, boozy girls tottering drunkenly around town centres (so un-ladylike!), I like this image above. These two look like they're having fun, and girls having fun together whilst out on the town look a lot more appealing than men, who usually just look loutish.

I also think the girl on the left's opaques look spectacularly good with her light blue dress, and I'd really enjoy the chance to go out dressed like her, with my wife on my arm - two girls together.

In a forthcoming post I'm going to reflect on why I've never been out dressed in tights, or in full drag as a girl, despite getting a little encouragement once or twice in different ways - directly and indirectly.

I've had one girlfriend suggest doing it at a Brighton nightclub back in 1996; and another ask me if I'd ever considered going out in public way back in 1994. Strangely, I've also had two female friends mention cross-dressing to me too, even though they haven't known anything about my love of tights! One was a university friend and the other was a flatmate from my days in London, and I'll tell the story about them in the full post. I'll try to post it by July.

As I've mentioned before though, as of 2011 I still haven't done what the lucky man below has enjoyed: Going out in tights with my girlfriend or wife.

Here's a lovely couple, a husband and wife dressed as Bunnygirls together. I think she looks very attractive, and he's a passable girl too, which is all any of us men can really hope to be.

I think they're really sexy photos because both the man and woman look so relaxed, and I can't help but be jealous of this guy and the way his wife has obviously been an intrgral part of his cross-dressing journey. As they're having their photos taken, they might look like this in reality, but I know in the guy's head he believes he looks like the real Bunny below. With his wife beside him to tell him that he does, it's no wonder that he's smiling. I'm very jealous!

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